Listen to the birds for a better weather forecast than meteorologist

Listen to the birds for a better weather forecast than meteorologist


Transcript: One thing that we can know from birds, probably better than any meteorological instruments is, if we listen to them carefully, we would know the meteorological conditions, or the weather patterns very well. Many studies have observed this, on the banks of Ganga and also Narmada river, certain birds, which nest very close to the water, by looking at where they build the nest at what height, people know whether this year there is going to be a flood or not. I'm saying, the birds build this nest at least four months before monsoons. But, they will build the nest much lower if the rains are not going to be too heavy and there's not going to be any flood. But if there is going to be a flood, they will build it way higher up. Just by observing this, traditionally people have always known, this year it's going to flood, this year it's not going to flood. So obviously before any of the normal, what our instruments can read in terms of meteorological conditions before water vapour, temperature, other things manifest, already there are science in nature, which a bird is able to see. Probably among human beings, one creature who pays maximum attention to meteorological conditions, is an aviator. A farmer to some extent, but much more an aviator because one who wants to fly is always watching out for the weather, because that will decide whether you're going to fly or not. Whether you will fly all the way to another world or you're going to land in this world. A lot depends on the weather. So birds being avians, probably they have learned to pay attention to nature in terms of meteorological conditions like nobody else. There are many other aspects one knows about the migratory patterns of the birds. Where in distinctly, they know the weather patterns, otherwise they cannot make this flight, long distance flights across continents. So if one wants to know whether definitely listening to birds would be great, maybe not all of them, those who soar in the sky, those who depend very much on rising in the sky.


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