Mental health tip: Keep your colon clean

Mental health tip: Keep your colon clean


Transcript: Whatever cleansing process that happens in the body, whether emptying your bowels, or emptying your bladder, or exhalation, or sweat. These are all different ways the body is trying to clean itself. In all these things, different bodies have different levels of efficiency. If you are in good health, if you're in very good health and if you're eating the right kind of food, when you empty your bowels, nothing, not a speck should remain in your colon. Everything should be gone. In yoga that's very, very important, your colon being clean. Otherwise, it'll get into your head. Really. Your colon not clean and psychological disturbances are very directly connected. In the yogic understanding of life after you wake up, within 20 minutes naturally if the bowels don't empty themselves completely, that means you're in ill health or you're heading there quickly. Both physical and psychological. It could be either, depending upon whichever is weakest in you will break first. First thing if you go to an Ayurvedic doctor, whatever your problem, first thing is he'll purge you. Because keeping the colon clean is very important.


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