Mental Health Tip: Use your body

Mental Health Tip: Use your body


Transcript: Within the human being there is a certain allotment of energy for action, certain allotment of energy for intellect, certain allotment of energy for emotion. Like this there are various allotments. This differs from person to person. But generally the amount of energy allotted for, particularly, for physical action and emotional dimension, these are two things which are going completely unused in today's world. This is the main reason for depression, believe me. Any number of children that they bring to me with all kinds of mental ailments, I just tell them first thing is, some sport that they like, swimming, tennis, something and music. These two things you bring into their life, within three months, most of the children, 80% -85% children will recover quite wonderfully. Because without finding expression to their emotional dimension and if without finding enough exertion for the physical body, they are bound to become depressive.


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