One easy way to avoid friction with people

One easy way to avoid friction with people


Transcript: I see this happening everyday. Well, in the world in a big way. But even among our own people. A whole lot of people. Not a small percentage, a large percentage of people. They will do something. Something has to be done, let's say, some task. It doesn't happen. When it doesn't happen, the initial instinct is, it's because of her it didn't happen, it's because of him it didn't happen. But we have largely cured that for our people. That they can't point fingers at anybody. You will see a whole lot of people will look for some metaphysical reason as to why it did not happen. From day 1, from day 1 of inner engineering, even from the free introductory, only one thing that we have been trying to nail into your head is, if something is not working, obviously it's not done well. Hello? Yes. Something is not done well. Maybe you're not able to figure it right now, that's not the point. But, something is not working. Something did not work the way it should. We obviously did not do something right. But people look for metaphysical solutions. So you must understand this. If everything that you try to do is becoming frictious, friction is happening. Obviously you're the sandpaper. You know what's a sandpaper? I'll ask them to provide you a sandpaper, a small piece. Everyday whenever you have friction with somebody, just scrape your skin somewhere. So if you don't cure yourself quickly, you won't have any skin left. When you don't have any skin left, then you will not touch anything. You will not create, you will not look for any friction. First come to your senses. Friction is happening means, wherever you go friction is happening. Obviously it's you. One simple thing you can do to reduce friction is, I've told you many times but you've not done this is, whatever you're saying in a day, or in an hour, or in a minute, how many words per minute are you uttering? Bring it down to 50%. Still do the same work. You will see a whole lot of friction will go down simply because you're not blabbering. Yes. And, we've been trying to train you. Whatever you see, whether you see a man, woman, child, cow, donkey. Donkey also. You do. No. How will friction not happen? It will happen.


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