Overcome anxiety – Do this and you will never be anxious meeting new people

Overcome anxiety – Do this and you will never be anxious meeting new people


Transcript: You have heard of a word called yoga. When I say yoga, you're immediately thinking of twisting yourself. No. The word yoga means union. Union means. See in your perception of life, there is you, and there is the world. So it is you versus the universe, actually. You versus the universe is a bad competition to get into. Hello? Do you have any chance of winning this? You get into competition with the universe, is there a chance to win this competition? No, you don't compete with the universe. So we found a way called yoga. Yoga means union. That means, consciously you obliterate the boundaries of your individuality. So there is no such thing as you and the universe, it feels like one. You need to do little bit of yoga, otherwise your mind will get twisted out with all kinds of ideas, emotions, and opinions. If you open it up a little bit, if you obliterate your boundaries of your individuality, it's very easy. Because, when you sit here, you see this person as a part of yourself. You have no nonsense about this one. Whether it's a man, or a woman, or a child, or an animal. You have no problem. With everything you will communicate absolutely because you have opened up your boundaries. If you have concretized your boundaries. This is me, this is me. Then with this you'll always have a problem. If it's a man, it's one kind of problem. If it's a woman, another kind of problem. It's an animal, another kind of problem. So it's time, you work upon bringing yourself to ease. Not just with other people, just with life. The life that you are must be at ease. If you are not at ease, you will never realize your full potential. Above all, in every human being, there is a certain genius. But 99% of the people live and die without ever opening up the genius within themselves. If it has to open up, if the true potential within you has to open up, your life should come to ease. There is a whole science and technology called yoga. Not just twisting and turning. Approaching how to handle your body, how to handle your chemistry, how to handle your energies, how to handle your mental fluctuations. If you bring this to a certain level, you're at ease. When you're at ease, whether there's this person, that person, animal, devil. Whoever comes, you're at ease. You being at ease is most important. Otherwise, you will not experience life the way it is. In agitation, everything is distorted.


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