Parenting tip – Don’t live your dreams through your children

Parenting tip – Don’t live your dreams through your children


Transcript: Parents think all the things that they could not do, they must acheive through their children. So they should have bred race horses. They are not an extension of your ambitions, they are not. And they need not be. So this is because people think they own their children. No, they are not your property. I think these days they are telling you, older generation hesitated to say this. This generation, by the time they are ten, they are telling you, you've got no business to tell me what to do. So does it mean to say you don't say anythig to them? No, it's your business to see because if you don't guide them somebody else will on the street. Or somebody will do it long distance on the internet, all kinds of creatures are out there. Alright. So, yes to protect them, to nourish them, to allow them to explore their possibilities. It is your business to do that as a parent. But parents' concern may be, what will happen, what will happen, what will happen? Tell me when you go through fear, is it fantastic? Hello? It's one of the most terrible emotions you can go through. Why are we thinking that we should be fearful of our future. Not only of your future, of anything that you do, even God-fearing alright. Fearful about everything. What is the point? There is no such thing. There is no such thing that this generation should be an extension of the previous generation. This generation should do something that previous generation could not imagine. That is when there is a purpose to this generation. Isn't it? Otherwise what's the point? If you're going to do the same things.


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