Parenting Tip – You must spend dedicated time with your children

Parenting Tip – You must spend dedicated time with your children


Transcript: Those who decide to have children must have dedicated time for the child. Not fitting in here, one ten minutes here, ten minutes there. You must have full fledged dedicated time because it is about making the next generation better than who we are. There is nothing special to be done, you don't have to buy a single toy. You just have to spend time. You just have to expose them to nature. You just have to expose them to various forms of creation. But, just to get rid of the child, you bought him an iPad when he's five. See, you buy him an iPad when he's four or five, don't think it's out of your love. You're being strategic, you want to get rid of him. Get rid of him means, he opens up something, and something something something is happening on the iPad endlessly. So you can go about your business the way you want. I don't think it is necessary for such people to have children. Unless you're willing to have dedicated time, you should not do this crap. Not necessary. Once you have, you must have dedicated time. And first of all, you must fix yourself. You must become that kind of a person the child will look up to and love to be with. Then, even time can be adjusted. If they're really looking up to you, five minutes is worth five days. Five minutes of contact is like five days. Nothing to teach, what's there to teach. What is their to teach? What do you know about life that the child doesn't know, I'm asking. Survival tricks, don't teach them too early. This is a serious problem. These days, I think it's little less than what it used to be before. Three year old child, they're asking, "What do you want to become?" "I want to become pilot." "I want to become commando." These days everybody, all the boy want to become a commando because that's the games they like playing. Because I see in these games, somebody's head falls off. They may become Jihadi Johns. Because right from childhood, they're taking off people's heads. So what do you want to expose your children to is something that every parent needs to think about because it is exposure, it is not moral teaching which is going to stick. It is the exposure that the child is exposed to which is really going to stick right through their life. You must expose them to all the positive, wonderful things. Positive things does not mean right versus wrong. Simply life the way it is. I think, if people want to have children, this may sound extreme, but I would say, at least for two months in a year, those who have children should withdraw into natural space. Not live in their city burrows, or those bird nests of apartments. They must go away at least for two months. It's alright even if you have to live in a tent somewhere, but they must live in nature, the children. Very, very, very important. If you want to have your children physically, mentally healthy and balanced, it is the most important thing.


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