Part 2: Rapid fire questions by Karan Johar

Part 2: Rapid fire questions by Karan Johar


Transcript: In an imaginary, completely hypothetical situation, if you had a day off with no commitments, no responsibilities, what would you spend the day doing? Oh. A lot of things. This can't be one word. No, it's not one word. See, I have an indiscriminate sense of passion towards everything. There were lots and lots of things I did at one time, but these days time is not allowing me to do that. So, generally if I have little time all I do is play golf. Because that's safe and within the city and I can get back in time for something else to be done. But if an entire day is left to me, which they have not done for a long time, they have not left it to me. If that happens, I will close my eyes and sit because that is my, the best, the best. I am at my best when I truly have nothing to do. What is one thing you'd like people to remember about you at the end of your life? They must live so wonderfully that they don't even remember me. If you found a way to travel through time, where would you go? I'm kind of done with all those things. Your universe visited already, you have visas for every part of this ecosystem. If we can do some slow fire. Yeah. Because that's a question with many ramifications. This, for example, traveling in the world. We jetted around and now we want to travel to the Mars, we want to travel to another place. And now that's not enough, we want to travel to the past and future. All this longing is again, exploratory in nature. Whether you go on vacation to Maldives or you want to go to Mars, it is fundamentally exploratory. Maybe you're also thinking of relaxation and pleasure and whatever, but essentially it's exploratory. Otherwise why can't you do it here? Something that you want to do, you want to touch another place. This longing is there in the human being only as long as the life that you are remains in a seed form. That is, it did not sprout and blossom. Because your ideas of time and space are essentially, because you're living within the framework of your intellect. If you cross that dimension, then there is no such thing as time and space. Everything is here and now. So, traveling through time, space, no, it means nothing to me.


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