Part 3: Rapid fire questions by Karan Johar

Part 3: Rapid fire questions by Karan Johar


Transcript: What is the first thing you notice when you meet a person? Just everything. Everything? Everything. Past, present, and future. Is it more important to do what you love, or love what you're doing? One word or more? The choice is entirely yours. See, if you're an intelligent person, you will try to do what you love most. But if you're a genius, you will do just what is needed. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? You wouldn't know. With due respect, what is your biggest weakness? Biggest...? What is your biggest weakness? See, what normally people treat as weakness in their lives. Okay, let me give a normal answer. Why am I going into all this? Already you said I'm, what? What's the word? Cached. My biggest weakness is, I love danger. Without danger, I cannot live. I need to do something which keeps me on the edge of being mortal, being alive and dead. I want to walk that line all the time. Everyday I'm stepping on it one way or the other. Is it a weakness? I don't think so. But people think, "Sadhguru, you shouldn't risk your life like this." But if there's no risk, I feel I'm not being, because most of the time in my life, for whatever I'm doing, I don't feel tested. It's only in moments of danger that I feel little tested. So my weakness is I like to be stretched, you know. For all the time when I was a riding across India, later on I started driving. My only wish was that to find a machine which will test my skills. Always found the damn things broke down if I took it to my limits. These days recently I'm beginning to get to do a few machines which are testing me. Whether I can push it all the way or not. Maybe that's because of my age. If I had met them much younger, I think I would've managed to work around them.


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