PDA – Is public display of affection ok?

PDA – Is public display of affection ok?


Transcript: You said, today young people have relationships. Unfortunately, you have come to a place where you think that a relationship means it must be body-based. There must be something biologically involved. Biology is a part of our life. The significance of becoming human, compared to other creatures is, they're complete biology. We are only part biology. We have other dimensions to us. We have an intelligence, we have an emotion, we have a consciousness, which is of another dimension. Biology is only one part of us. If an earthworm says I have a relationship and if both of them tangle each other, I understand. If a human being says I have a relationship, it could be a friend, it could be a brother, it could be a sister, it could be variety of relationships. And also, body-based relationships. So this thing about using the word relationship only with biological stuff is essentially because somewhere unknowingly, unknowingly, maybe because of the internet, you got enslaved to America. It all started in United States. Relationship means, it has to be opposite sex, or something sexual. Why can't we hold relationships of other kind? Hello? Are we not capable? I'm asking. Can't we have very intimate, profound relationships with people, without fondling their bodies? I'm asking. Possible or no? Yes. Biology is not the most prominent aspect of being human. It is there. It's not something that you can, you know, put under the carpet. It is very much there. But, it is not the dominant aspect of being human. With other creatures it is so. With the human being, the most significant aspect of who we are is our intelligence, our emotion, our consciousness. These are big things. Body is just one part of it. I'm not saying you must ignore the body, body is there. Now when you say, young people. You're talking about those people whose intelligence has been hijacked by hormones. When you were 10 years of age, you looked at people, everybody was fine. Quite okay. You became 14-15, you looked at them. Every little bump on their body suddenly became a world by itself. Yes or no? You have to wait for some more time. When the hormonal thing goes down, then you look at people, again they're all looking normal. So, it's not a question of right and wrong. It's not a question of morality. It is just a question of priority. What kind of priority do you want to give to your own bodily compulsions?


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