Pineal Gland: A pleasure far bigger than sex

Pineal Gland: A pleasure far bigger than sex


Transcript: So there are many reasons why one indulges in sex. For some, it is just pleasure. For some, it is a way of building this bond and companionship. Otherwise people feel they're going away from each other. They may be just fine, but lot of people, it is psyched in their mind that if they're not sexually involved, they're actually moving away. Not true. You can be very close to somebody and need not be involved in any physical manner, isn't it? But, societies are psyching. Especially in this part of the world, people are hugely psyched if there's no sexuality you don't really have a relationship. In fact, the word relationship, it's only, it took me some time to understand that here, if you say a relationship, you're supposed to understand it's sex-based relationship. Nothing else is a relationship. I can have a very strong relationship with you and not be concerned about your body, isn't it? I may not be drawn to your body in any way but I can have a very powerful relationship with you. But all those possibilities are completely discounted. A relationship means you must be, in some way, physically involved. Man, woman, Or, man, man. Woman, woman. Whatever you like. Essentially it's body-based. What kind of body, is individual choices. But essentially it is body-based. This has happened because somewhere, our identification with the body has gone beyond normal levels of identity. It is excessive identification with the body. That is why body-based relationships have become the crux of the society. One who is too identified with your physical body, naturally is sex-driven. Because, that is the highest thing that he knows. There are ways we can make you find something which is far bigger than this. Once you taste something better, I don't have to tell you give this up, or give that up. It'll anyway fall of, isn't it? There are ways to do certain sadhana which is more intense than sexuality. Which is more ecstatic than sexuality. On one level, if you put in all dimensions of yoga, one way or the other, you're ultimately trying to activate the pineal. Because once it begins its secretion, everything about you becomes sweet and beautiful. It creates a whole inner pleasure which makes all the outer pleasures look like kindergarten stuff. That's the reason yogis are just sitting with eyes closed. Not because they're against pleasure, they're against small pleasures. That's all.


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