Pineal Gland – Amruta (Ambrosia) – The secret to bliss

Pineal Gland – Amruta (Ambrosia) – The secret to bliss


Transcript: So, the Shambhavi. One thing that's happening is, it stimulates the pineal secretion in a big way. Which leaves you drenched in a certain level of sweetness throughout the day. It just leaves you in a certain state of ecstasy and blissfulness because the pineal gland is active. This is one aspect of your physiology which is very close to your consciousness. Rest of the physiology is about survival. But, pineal gland is one aspect of the physiology which is very, very close to transcending the physical. In the yogic traditions, this sweetness is referred to as Amruta, or the Ambrosia, or the Elixir of life. One drop, if it comes into the system, suddenly the whole system just cools down. The whole system is lubricated, functions at ease. The desperation in the system is gone. The desperation in the mind is gone. So, Ambrosia means, you found your own pleasure. If you're extremely joyful within yourself, you found the Amruta within yourself, you're extremely, you're an extreme state of pleasantness. Now, being with people, is not anymore about squeezing pleasure out of them. Being with people is just out of, just being with them. Only now you're truly capable of love. Otherwise, it is just an open sesame trick. I love you, means whether they believe you or not, for that moment they make themselves believe you. Because, they're also in need of something, you're also in need of something. Isn't it? It's a, it's like a, you know, Alibaba and the 40. Open sesame means it opens. This is just like, I love you means many things open up. Now, by doing this, I'm not saying it's right or wrong, that's the way people conduct their lives, there's nothing to it. But by doing this, the true possibility of knowing an intense sense of love within you, is lost. You're here, constantly looking, what can I get out of this person, what can I get out of that person. This is a con job. It's called a love affair. But it's a con job. But if you're extremely ecstatic by yourself, when you're being with people, it's about sharing your ecstasy. It is about, if they're not touched by it, somehow to touch them with it. Rather than seeing what you can squeeze out of them. The whole fundamentals of your life will change.


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