Playfulness – Simple way of Krishna to remove all suffering

Playfulness – Simple way of Krishna to remove all suffering


Transcript: Simple things that people take up to do in their life, after all for most of the people, 95% of the people in the world, all that they have taken a piece just to earn something for their survival. Procreate, bring up their children, that's it. Just for the small drama that they have picked up for themselves, they wanted it. A little business, or one job, a home, wife, children, husband. This is it. To manage this, where they end up. Many of them end up in the insane aslyums too. Just doing the simple job, isn't it so? Yes? They have not taken up the problems of the world, they don't want to be dharmaguptas, wanting to establish dharma in the world. No such great responsibility they have taken up. Just earn their living, survive, procreate, and die. Which every creature on the planet does. For that, see where people are ending up. How many people are ending up total nuts. How many people are halfway down there. Yes? Too many people, isn't it? It is taking an unusually heavy toll. Simple life process. It is not necessary this way, but unfortunately it does go that way for many people. Simply because there is no playfulness in their way of existence. There is no playfulness in the way they live. They're too dead serious. So fundamentally, that's what Mahabharata is. That, there are all types of people. Good people, bad people, outright evil, absolutely virtuous, various types of people. If you look at it, every kind of human being that you can find in any society, they're all there in Mahabharata. The whole range of people. Greedy ones, absolutely selfless ones, fearful ones, brave ones, valiant warriors, cowards. Every kind are there. And they're all being put through a whole intense drama. And you look at each one's experience. It's very different and the way he handles it is very different, and they way he lands up in the end is very different. Through this whole drama, of all the people, Krishna is going through the maximum amount of drama. But untouched. Because he said, "Yogastha Kuru Karmani". That means, first establish yoga and then act. If you act, without establishing yourself in yoga, then your action will become an entanglement, it doesn't matter what you're doing.


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