Powerful 10 minute practice before sleeping

Powerful 10 minute practice before sleeping


Transcript: Do you know? In about, if you live for about 60 years, you're, on an average most human beings are eating anywhere between 1,100 to 1,400 tons of food. So that means, even what you think is my body, is not this. It's changing every day. New input is happening and old things are going away. So 1,400 tons. You don't have to carry that much of weight right now. So obviously, what you have as a body right now is just a transient amount of food and soil, isn't it? Hello? So what you think is mine also is not it. It is just all the time changing. Tonight, before you go to bed, spend at least 12-15 minutes reminding yourself you're neither this body, nor this mind. Just lie down and just remind yourself. This body is not really you. It is mine right now for use, but it's not really me. Just, if you're not able to do it, just link it to your breath. Inhalation, I'm not the body. Exhalation, I'm not even the mind. Just lie down for 12 minutes and do it till the last moment, till you fall asleep. There's something you must notice.


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