Sexuality – No need to brush it under the carpet

Sexuality – No need to brush it under the carpet


Transcript: See, we have a biology, we cannot put it under the carpet. It's there. It's best we address it for what it is. But right now the problem in the world is, because certain religious institutions in the world took this attitude, that the very biology of the human being is wrong. Because of this, culture started hiding it under the carpet. Well in this culture we never had it, but after the British came and left, we became more prudish than the British. But before that, if you look at our temples. All the outside temple art is all pornographic. If that's what you want to call it. But, we don't call it pornographic. We are only talking about the various dimensions of human biology. Because we don't see it as wrong, but we see it as the periphery of life. If you stay there only, you will stay on the physical dimension forever, you will not explore anything else. So in the temple or always it's the periphery. You are supposed to look at that and understand it's the periphery of life and try to make an attempt to go deeper. But at the same time, not to be in denial of it. Not to glorify it, or not to be in denial of it is the most important thing. But in your college, watching these things on the, whatever, your internet or whatever. People tell me that, somebody told me, I don't know if these percentages are correct. When I was asking, what is the content. I was trying to understand the internet and its content. What is the real content on the internet? They're telling me, you should know. They're telling me 70% of the content on the internet is pornography. Is it so? Is it so? You must be the expert. Is somebody doing PhD on it? They told me 70%. I said 70% is unreasonable and sick levels of pornography. If it occupies a small percentage, it's okay. 70% of a technological platform, which could do millions of things, unfortunately, is pornographic. Just biology of life. It's very unfortunate because once you come as a human being, your biology is not the front end of your life. It is one part of your life. This cerebral capability came so that your intelligence becomes the front end of your life, and if you become conscious, your consciousness becomes the front end of your life. Biology is the front end of a bull. It's okay for him, that's all he knows. But biology should not be the front end of a human life, it is part of our life. We are not denying it.


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