Should Marijuana be legal?

Should Marijuana be legal?


Transcript: Is it true that this human mechanism is the most sophisticated chemical factory on the planet? So if you know how to manage this well, you can produce what you want in this. Anyway, there was an Israeli scientist. He was doing research on cannabis, and its impact on the neurological system. In about 4.5 years, he came up with this. He said, there are millions of cannabis receptors in our brain. But why? So he threw this information to all kinds of scientific disciplines to find out, why in human brain there are millions of cannabis receptors. Many funny things happened around the world in this context. Then the neurologists came up with this and said that the brain is expecting that you will produce cannabis within the system. It's not expecting you to smoke. It's expecting you produce that so that it becomes a mood equalizer for you all the time. But most human beings have become inefficient chemical factories or they're just lousy CEOs managing a great factory. So, they start smoking from outside. It's not a moral issue for me. But the thing is, there is substantial study which are being put down by those activists who want to promote it. There is substantial study to show that your decision making, certain dimensions of your brain, particularly about decision making are sufficiently suppressed. If you smoke Marijuana for 30 days, this will last for 4-5 years. Your decision making is clearly affected. With that kind of mind, with that kind of a brain, if you enter the court and I'm putting my life in your hands. I don't want a cannabis smoking lawyer for me. I don't want a cannbis smoking surgeon to work up on me. If he's just smoking on the street corner, not doing anything to anybody, it's his problem. But definitely I don't want my surgeon to be on Marijuana and do surgery on me. Yes or no? Do you want? Nor do I want other drivers. Because I drive at a certain speed, I don't want other drivers who are smoked out, driving with me. I don't want. I told you, it's not a moral issue for me. It's a question of whether it'll enhance your life or suppress your life. Whether it'll allow you to live your life full on, or will it make you a smaller life then the way you are, or what you're capable of.


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