Simple immunity boosting tips to fight Coronavirus

Simple immunity boosting tips to fight Coronavirus


Transcript: One thing is, I must say this, you know, we are a sacred ash people. We're always ash-made, one way or the other. There are different types of ashes, if you know how to use it. I can't go about giving you instructions of this, over the, on the web. But, if you learn to use it properly, it helps. Neem is available almost right across the country except in the mountainous places. Daily consumption of neem leaves. Turmeric is anyway available. Now, they are making what is called as nano turmeric, where the absorption rate is way higher than the normal turmeric. Which also greatly enhances your immune system. If you, if you soak gooseberry, or the amla, or the nalikai, in honey overnight along with some broken pepper, black pepper, or green pepper. Green pepper, I'm saying for those of you who are in other countries, green pepper does not mean chilli. We mean to say raw pepper. The pepper corn when it's raw, which you might not have seen in most parts of the world. Here it's common for us, it's available. So, soak it in honey and everyday, about three spoons three times a day. It works best, all these things work best when you're on an empty stomach. That's the first thing that you take. If you do these things, you can see a significant increase in your immune system. I would say, in 4-8 weeks one can see significant betterment of one's immune system. There are yogic practices which are hard to teach. But right now, just doing a chant and doing Isha Kriya, this will also enhance your immune system. Let this be very clear. That this is not treatment for corona virus. Nor is it a prevention. I did my chant so I go and do irresponsible things. It's not going to work like that. These are things you do over a period of time and strengthen your system, so that, the next virus that comes, you might be in a better place to handle it.


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