Simple tips to boost your immunity

Simple tips to boost your immunity


Transcript: If you take this neem and turmeric combination early in the morning, and drink something warm, it cleanses the stomach in a big way. If there are any minor infections in your stomach, it will go away. And it also kills the cancerous cells in the body. When I say cancerous, it is not that you must be diagnosed as having cancer. All our bodies have cancerous cells. Only when this percentage of cancerous cells goes beyond a certain percentage, only then it becomes a disease. Otherwise, everyone of our body has cancerous cells. And how many of them are there, decides your health status in many ways. Neem and turmeric is a good support because it dilates the cellular structure in such a way that it is able to absorb. As you do you Asanas, the body will simply crackle with a different kind of energy. So consumption of neem and turmeric with a mildly laced honey water acts as a wonderful way of cleansing the system, dilating the system. That when you do sadhana, one thing it brings flexibility to the muscles. Another thing is because the dilation brings flexibility to the muscle, the flexibility as a consequences becomes a way that you slowly build the system into a more power possibility. Neem is available almost right across the country, except in the mountainous places. Daily consumption of neem leaves. Turmeric is anyway available. Now they are making what is called as nano turmeric, where the absorption rate is way higher than the normal turmeric. Which also greatly enhances your immune system. If you soak the gooseberry, or the amla, or the nallikai, in honey overnight along with some broken pepper. Black pepper, or green pepper. Green pepper, I'm saying, for those of you who are in other countries, green pepper does not mean chilli. We mean to say raw pepper. The pepper corn when it is raw. Which you might have not seen in most parts of the world. Here, it is common for us, it's available. So soak it in honey and everyday about 3 spoons, 3 times a day. It works best, all these things work best when you are on an empty stomach. So that's the first thing that you take. If you do these things you can see a significant increase in your immune system. I would say, in 4-8 weeks, one can see a significant betterment of one's immune system.


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