Solution to alarming rise in health issues in urban young women

Solution to alarming rise in health issues in urban young women


Transcript: At a young age, if a girl gathers abdominal fat, she's asking for it. There's simply no two ways about it. Hows onn or how late depends on various genetic and other aspects of life. But once abdominal fat gathers, then a young woman is definitely inviting trouble for herself. It'll come. Not enough activity, physical activity I mean. They may be working in office, that doesn't mean anything because that's not physical enough. If you're working in a field, that would be different. I think the problems that you're mentioning, largely are happening in urban women. Simply because their physical activity, even if they excercise, it's half an hour, one hour in the morning, rest of the time they're sitting, sitting, sitting. So because of this, there is not enough activity in that region. That's one reason. Another thing is reproductive process is not made use of, that's another reason. So if you're not using your reproduction process, that is, you're not bearing a child before you're 21 years of age, it's very very important that you must do Hatha Yoga. If you do gym, if you run, if you do this and that. Run, to some extent. But if it is gyming and doing muscles and you're looking fit. That's not good. You must do intense Hatha Yoga. In today's world, the way the society is structured, the way that many aspects of life have arranged itself, women have to care much more about their health than men. Simply because nature has invested a very elaborate reproductive system in a woman. We were all born out of a woman's womb. So there was an elaborate system inside. Normally, if you look back, they would start using reproductory system by the age, they were 15, 16. It was put to use probably throughout their life. At least throughout their reproductive life, in some way it was put to use. If a woman had 6, or 7, or 8 children in her lifetime, most probably it was spread out throughout. So reproductory organs were used in a certain way. Because of that, she did not have those issues as they have today. Another reason is, both men and women, of course, were working hard physically. Physical work. Because of physical work, there never was any fat around the abdomen. Another dimension of this is also, urban young women these days, a lot of them are very disturbed about something or the other. At one time only your family, or your children, or your husband, or your immediate friends, disturbed you. Now you have friendship across the globe, and just about anybody can freak you anytime. So just a message is enough that you worry about it for next three days. For whatever reasons, I don't want to blame it on any one thing. It has become a norm that everybody must be stressed. So this also can be very easily handled. The basic body chemistry can be brought to such a level of balance within you if you do the right kind of yoga.


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