The extraordinary powers of Sadhguru’s grandmother

The extraordinary powers of Sadhguru’s grandmother


Transcript: You know my great grandmother. People used to say, she's a devil of a woman. When I saw her, she was over 100 years of age. They called her a devil of a woman not because she ever did any harm to anybody, but she had a laugh. If she laughed, the entire street shook. Like that she laughed. She lived to be 113, 113 years of age. She was married into a very rich family, a big land-holding family. When she was 68 years of age, after her husband had died, she left the family, went out and built a small temple for herself. She did not install a god, she installed herself in the temple. She'll do her own thing there, her own type of worship, her own type of everything. And, she can tell you anything. When she's there, sitting in the temple, she can just tell you about anything in the world. You know the history of Europe, where spiritual process was so widespread and how systematically it was uprooted and thrown out when they wanted to establish an organized religion. So all those millions of witches who were burned, are just those women who exhibited certain qualities which did not fit into the logic of that society. My great grandmother, for sure, would have been burned as a witch. In India, they wouldn't burn but they were afraid of her laughter. She was definitely a witch. So, we need witches. We need witches in the world, we need women who are more capable than their logic. We need men also like that. We need human beings who are capable of perceiving, understanding, experiencing life beyond the horrible limitations of logic.


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