The missed opportunity of MJ and Elvis’s genius

The missed opportunity of MJ and Elvis’s genius


Transcript: See, Michael Jackson had the power to inspire a whole generation of people. What he did was so unique and eye-catching anywhere in the world. I'm telling you, in the remotest part of India, in some village where there is no nothing, they know Michael Jackson. I mean that's a level of inspiration he brought in. A whole lot of youth dancing like him in India. In imitation of him. So that was a powerful possibility, but I'm sorry if I say something that hurts anybody, but I feel his life could have been, you know, he could have made this into really transforming the world in some way. But, unfortunately, I feel, no proper guidance around him, no proper advisors and all commercial people. I think it went waste because just five days ago I was at the Elvis Presley's museum in Memphis, as a part of the journey when we were coming back, we stopped at Memphis. Also went to Martin Luther King's, you know that place where the assassination happened. So when I was at Elvis place also, that's what I thought. He also, for two decades he dominated the music scene, inspired a whole generation of people, but his own life became a total mess because there is no proper guidance, there is no balance. There is genius, but there is no balance. So this is a sad story that's happened to a whole lot of great talent in the world, particularly in America, because people grow up on all the wrong things at a very early age. When I say wrong things, there is chemical influence, there is alcohol, there is all kinds of distractions. That, we must understand this always, that our intelligence, our competence, our genius, all these things are important, but for all of them to find expression in the world the most fundamental thing is balance. If this balance is missing, all talent, all competence, all genius, all, you know, whatever exuberant things you have, will go waste. So both these personalities, one that you mentioned Michael Jackson and also Elvis Presley are a classic example of this lack of balance. When there is such a massive talent that you are capable of influencing an entire generation, not in one country, across the world. When you have that, this could have been used to really create a new generation of people, new sort of planet actually. You can do this, you had the power to do that, it is just the lack of balance.


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