The Power of the triangle. Chakras are in the shape of a triangle

The Power of the triangle. Chakras are in the shape of a triangle


Transcript: Triangle is the basic form in the existence, in many ways. The most integrated form is a triangle. Before all this material came, like, concrete, and steel, and all this tar. Even now, I think in United States, particularly, any home has a triangular roof, isn't it? In India we've all gone for flat roofs. Because they use concrete roofs, and the weather permits a flat roof. So here still almost every house around has a triangular roof. Why a triangle is, with minimum material, maximum strength comes only from a triangle. If you had to create any other form of the same strength, you would need much more material. Material's strength has to be increased. But in the form of a triangle, with very minimal material, you can get maximum strength. So always, anywhere in the world, if you give them two pieces of wood using earth as a base. You got a dwelling. So this is not just about the dwellings that you build. Even the divine hand, even the hand of the creator chose a triangle to build a basic form within you and outside of you. If you look at any molecular structure, it is a complex assembly of triangles in many ways. Similarly if you look at the human body in a different level, you will see there is something called as an energy body. The energy moves and operates in the body in a certain way. In yoga there's a whole understanding and there is a certain way of experiencing how the energy functions in your system. If you look into this with awareness, if you see the way your system is constructed, you will see the most basic form in your body is a triangle. All the nadis meet in the form of triangles. What we refer to as chakras are actually triangles. The nadis always meet in the form of triangles. We call them chakras because they symbolize movement. So that orange triangle with a circle around it, is the AgnaChakra, which is the chakra of enlightenment and knowledge. Knowing and perception. Because yoga is the science of perception. And if you have seen what are called as yantras. In South India there's lots of yantras. Have you seen? There's SriChakras, and that kind of thing. Yantra means, it's again an energy form. If you create certain forms, they have certain amount of energy. They can retain certain amount of energy. All the yantras are always built with triangles. They're a complex formation of triangles. Because that is the way the energy system of your body is built. That's the way, in many ways the fundamental aspects of existence, has happened. That's why the triangle.


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