The significance of dancing and singing

The significance of dancing and singing


Transcript: So in terms of dance, see, I must tell you this. We come from a culture where all our gods dance. Everywhere else god is a serious guy, a very serious guy. But in India, if he doesn't dance, we won't treat him as a god. All Indian gods, male and female, always dance because if they can't dance, he can't be god. Because dance essentially means that life is happening, see dancing in a particular style is a different matter. If you do not know this, my daughter is a full, you know, full-time classical dancer, Indian classical dancer. I took her off education and put her into this because it meant so much to us that, you know, what is dance is not just entertainment. So if you're doing a particular style of dance, it's one thing. Otherwise, even a child will get up and dance when it feels exuberant. It's the exuberance of life finding expression, is dance. When body cannot keep quiet, it wants to do something exuberant, it will dance. Well, you guys have might have evolved your own kind of styles and I don't know you slide on the, do you do all that like Michael Jackson was doing? Those are all, you know, what do you say, many methods of doing it. But essentially it's the exuberance of the physical self, that the best way the body can express itself is dance. The highest way the body can express itself is dance actually, because that is the highest level of exuberance it finds. So for this also, you know balance is most important. If you want to dance well, the most important thing is balance. But most people dance only when they're drunk. Without the exuberance of, when your emotion becomes exuberant, maybe you will sing. I am not saying a practice singer, or a professional singer. When emotion becomes exuberant, people want to sing even those who don't know anything to sing. They will also do something, you know at least they will hum. When the physical self becomes very exuberant, it naturally dances.


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