The temperature at which you drink water has an impact on you

The temperature at which you drink water has an impact on you


Transcript: In America everybody drinks water with ¾ of the tumbler being full with ice cubes. Now what I say will be unpopular. In the yogic culture, if you are a yogi, if you are on the path of inner transformation, if you want to transform your system to another dimension of possibility then you drink water only which is within 4 degrees variation, upward and downward. That is, your normal body temperature is somewhere around 36 degree centigrade, so you can drink upto 40 degrees or 32 degrees. This is the best way to consume. If you are a student, that is, you want to absorb knowledge, you are not looking for transformation, you are only interested in absorbing knowledge, then you must drink within 8 degrees variation. That is, you can drink upto 44 degrees and 28 degrees. If you are a householder, who is not interested in any transformation, or learning, you just want to manage your wife and children and husband, that is all your thing is. Then you can drink upto 12 degrees of variation from both sides. Beyond that, is not conducive for anybody. So, that is an unpopular thing to say, but it’s important that whatever you consume is somewhere in the range of the body temperature. Not too far away from that, because it will disturb the way the water within the system behaves by consuming water or any substance which is very very far away from the body temperature. I know the ice cream loving people will scream at me now. I’m just telling you the ideal conditions. How many of you want to live in the ideal range or being conscious of it wherever possible. Staying there is a good thing to do.


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