The way you sit can alter the way you think | Why does Sadhguru sit this way

The way you sit can alter the way you think | Why does Sadhguru sit this way


Transcript: There are many aspects to it. One simple aspect is, the left heel. The left heel is, there is a point on the left heel that today the medical sciences are calling it as the Achilles. You heard of that? You heard of the man? Achilles? You heard of the man? You saw the movie? You didn't see the movie? Troy? You didn't see? Innocent boy. So you put your Achilles to what is called as Muladhara or the perinium in your body. If these two things touch, many aspects are cleared out in you for that period of time. Many aspects means, your thoughts are clear, your emotions are out, and there is a very clear perception of what's happening around you. You've heard that Achilles was killed because an arrow was shot to his heel. You don't believe if somebody hurts your heel you will die, isn't it so? But Achilles died that way. And there's another person who died that way in India, way before him. Yesterday was his birthday. Krishna Janmashtami. He also died this way. What this is trying to tell you is, they were killed in an expert way. Not just slitting your throat, or breaking your head, but just putting a point in the Achilles so they had to die. So there is a certain system, energy system in the body, if that point of Achilles is in touch with your Muladhara. When you sit like this, there is a certain balance, that you don't take any sides. See all of us have our own opinions, ideas, ideologies, stuff. Our own experiences of life. Your own experiences of life and imprints that you have taken in your mind influences everything that you see. You like this person, you don't like this person, you love that person, you hate this person. All this is because you're constantly taking positions of your own. But, if you really want to know life, the most important thing is you don't take any position. You're willing to look at everything fresh, every moment of your life. Absolutely fresh every moment of your life. This is very difficult for people to understand. People who have been with me for 30-35 years, everyday they're with me, working with me, doing so many things. I still don't have a single opinion about them. It's a certain geometry of the body. If you manage the geometry of the body well, you must, I'm telling you right now, people, the Western cultures are going about propogating yoga as another stretching exercise. Instead of that you can do pilates. Instead of that you can do boxing. Instead of that you can play tennis. See, if you want to be just fit, go run somewhere, climb a mountain, play tennis, do something. Yoga is not about fitness. Fitness is just one consequence. The important thing is, to get the right geometry of life because physical universe is all geometry. Now this building is standing here, whether how long it will stand. Whether it will fall on our head today, or it will stand for a long time essentially depends on how geometrically perfect it is. The same goes for the body. The same goes for the planetory system. The same goes for the universe. The same goes for everything.


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