To live a full fledged life you must create an atmosphere of trust around you

To live a full fledged life you must create an atmosphere of trust around you


Transcript: The walls that you build for self-preservation are also the walls of self-imprisonment. If you build a wall to protect yourself today, after some time, this is your prison. Isn't it? I've been always encouraging people to say, yes and yes, for everything. Yes or no, if I ask. People around me always say, "Sadhguru, it's always yes. Tell us what." So for you to say an absolute yes to everything, one important thing is, you must create an atmosphere of integrity and trust. If you create an atmosphere of absolute integrity and trust, all of us can say absoulte yes. When we know nobody will misuse our yes, we can all say 100% yes for everything, isn't it? That's what we should strive for. If it's not possible in the whole world, at least we must create small circles where we can say yes and there is no problem. Nobody misuses the yes. Very important. Very important for healthy unfolding of every, life that you need at least a small cocoon of life around you where you can be a total yes. Without fear of favour, you can be an absolute yes. This you must create. If you don't create this, you will always live in fear. Being exploited is one thing. Living in a fear of exploitation is actually more damaging than exploitation itself. If we do not do this, then we will always live in walls. No is a wall, isn't it? No is a wall. Yes is a doorway. Isn't it? If you open your door, a devil could come in, or the divine could come in. The fear that devil may come in, if you close the door, you have also closed the door for the divine. What an unfortunate life. Yes or no? You've not only closed your door to negativity, you closed your door to everything because some negativity once came through your door. Don't do that to yourself. Once you live here, there are dangers of life, of course. But, because there are dangers to life, if you close all possibilities to life, that'll become a very absurd and sad life.


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