Water handled with negative emotions becomes poison

Water handled with negative emotions becomes poison


Transcript: So the water today, we know about it in so many ways. In India - teerth. In every temple there is a teerth because water is capable of memory and intelligence. Today much research has gone into this. Every molecule of water, water molecules which gather and make into water cells, have phenomenal capability to remember things. Everything that happens around the water, it remembers. Everything that it comes in contact with, it remembers. It is alive. It is alive and intelligent. Water behaves just about the same way as the human nervous system behaves. If you take this water and just look at it with a certain emotion, immediately the molecular structure will change. If you look at it with a different kind of emotion, it will change differently. It is no more your grandmother talk. Even today in traditional Southern Indian homes, if you go and see, water is kept like a deity. With vibhuti, with scared ash smeared on it. And properly worshipped, everyday it is worshipped before you drink, because we’ve always been conscious that water has memory and if it has memory of the right things it will do the right things within you. If it has memory of the wrong things, it will do wrong things within you. I just came to some house in Coimbatore. It’s part of the Indian tradition that if somebody comes home the first thing is always, the first form of welcome is a glass of water. Always. So this lady brought a glass of water on a tray. I looked at her, she looked like Kali to me. Have you heard of Kali? All of you? The non-Indian people, you heard of Kali? Kali is a terrible form of Goddess, tongue hanging out, blood oozing everywhere, and all that. So I said, you are looking like Kali today. I don’t want to drink this water. Then I said, okay, you sip the water first. That means, she thinks that I am using her as a food taster. She sips it and she says, it’s good water. What she means by that is, I have not poisoned it. I said you don’t have to poison it the way you are is enough. Just give it to me a moment. She gave the water to me. I just held it in my hands for one minute and gave it to her. I said, drink it. She drank it and burst into tears and started crying loudly. “It is sweet! It is sweet!” she is crying. I said, that’s all it is. This is all your damn life is all about. You can either turn in sweet or make it poisonous - it’s up to you.


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