Transcript: This question is from Chaitanya. Sadhguru, the cases in India are increasing and with the lockdown opening, it might pick up the pace. I would like to know, if I get Corona, how do I deal with it emotionally? Oh! The virus does not understand your emotions. So, don't deal with it emotionally. First thing, don't get it. But it may happen. Once you're out on the street, it may happen. So please don't deal with it emotionally. No, no, no. That's not what I'm saying. How should I handle my emotion? This is what I was saying all this time. Your emotion, whatever is the sweetest point you hit in your life, the high point, you must keep it there. Don't bring it down. So, if virus gets you, you must deal with it sensibly. The most sensible thing is, if you get it, nobody else should get it from you. This commitment you must take. For yourself, for the sake of the nation, and for the sake of humanity. You must take this, in case you get it, it should not hop to one more person. It must stop here. Either we come out of it alive, or we die, or we come out whichever way. But, it should not go to one more person, this responsibility we must take. So there is no emotional stuff to it. You deal with it, it'll be little hard to breathe. People say, it's quite terrible because it feels like you're drowning. But then, now it is showing other symptoms also, various other kinds. So, we don't know what kind of sweet emotions virus has for you, or not. We do not know. We do not know if he has any emotions, he's just doing his business. Simply. He's just going about his business of survival. So you go about your business of survival. That's it. Just like the virus, alright? The virus is trying to survive upon you. You survive upon this planet, don't go away. No emotion needed for this. Just what is needed to hand yourself over to a doctor, whatever they have to do, they will do. You take instructions and just do that.


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