Transcript: The moment people see you, even from a distance, there's a sudden outpouring of love. Complete outpouring of love. So let's talk about love. This is one kind of a love. What happens? Is there something, is it a release? That could be one thing for this and their own stress and emotion release. On the other hand, is there some kind of energy that you're transmitting to them? Is that energy possible only in a loving relationship? Even between you and the people, or between people themselves. What is that energy called love? And then let's relate it to man and woman because that's the love most of us know. Love or hate, whichever you like. Let's talk about love. There is no such thing as an energy that is love. Life is a certain energy, you're a certain life energy. Many parts of this life energy is finding expression as thought, as body, physical action, emotion. And there are other dimensions, of course. Energy action. If you can perform only physical activity in your life, the span and the scope of that activity is very limited. Because you empower your physical activity with your mental activity, depending upon the keenness and the intensity of your mental activity, your physical activity takes on a different level, as if it moves to a different dimension because of the mental activity. If you make a movie, if it's all physical, it's one way. There is a certain intellect involved in it, it's another way. There's a certain emotion involved in it, it's another way. Isn't it so? So that's so with life also. So, these are different levels of intensity. Physical is at one level of intensity, intellectual is another level of intensity, emotion is a different level of intensity. Generally people are looking down upon emotion as something less than intellect. Which is a very wrong thing they're doing. Which I think slowly people are realizing, they're talking about emotional intelligence now. Because emotion is capable of being of a higher intensity then intellect, in many ways. Intellect has a certain coolness, intellect has a certain penetration. But emotion can just embrace everything. Intellect can know pieces of life, emotion can know the wholeness of life. So this is the reason why spiritual traditions, always, have made devotion the biggest thing. Because a devotee looks like a fool for an intellectual person. But what a devotee knows, in terms of life's experience, and what he knows in terms of perception of life in its totality, an intellectual personal will never touch that. So a devotee looks like a fool, but the real fool is elsewhere. So right now what's happening here, when people are around me, is neither intellect, nor emotion, nor body. It's another dimension, which is just pure reverberation of energy.


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