What is the deepest form of love?

What is the deepest form of love?


Transcript: Yesterday I went through this amazing experience with you, it was a collective experience. And then I saw your relationship with the meditators who were the volunteers in this incredible course that we did. And there was something that connected you. Now, I've heard stories about this. I've heard that as Jesus walked in, that he spread this love and we always wondered, how could he just spread love? I saw that yesterday. But I saw tears in their eyes, we could explain that. But I saw tears in your eyes because I saw a two-way relationship. So let's just keep with this idea of a guru, and tell me what is this two-way? Because I saw you like a devotee, you know, you were like them. When you were talking, when you went to them, it was not just their emotion, it was yours. See, here you're using the word devotee. I don't know whether they're devoted or not, my life is devoted to them. That's for sure. My whole life is devoted to every human being on this planet, every creature on this planet. So, devotion is just a deeper love affair. When I say a deeper love affair, generally, these days at least, people are understanding a love affair is some kind of a transaction of give and take. Devotion is a deeper love affair of just absolutely giving. Whether take is there or not just doesn't matter and it doesn't occur in your mind. So, for me, my love affair is just with everything that I set my eyes upon. Whether it's a man, woman, child, animate, inanimate, it doesn't matter. Whatever I set my eyes upon, I'm in a deep embrace with that. So for me to come to tears, I don't even have to look at a human being. If I look at a cloud, I'll come to tears. If I look at a tree, I come to tears. If I close my eyes, I'll come to tears. So, tears is not even about love. If you tell me I'm in love with people, I wouldn't feel that's a great thing. I feel you're lowering the whole thing. I'm not in love, because love is still a kind of a transaction. This is a certain dimension of inclusiveness. Actually, in my experience, there is nobody else in this planet, nobody else in this existence, it's just me. In my experience. I don't see myself and somebody else, I just see myself. So this is not even devotion, this is not even love, this is just inclusiveness. And this is not my idea, this is not my philosophy, this is the way existence is. If you do not constipate your consciousness by being identified with limited things, like your own body, your own mind, your own culture, your own religion, your own family, your own whatever. Your own species, for that matter. If you do not constipate your consciousness with that kind of limitations, the existence is all inclusive. Well, science can prove it to you today. Isn't it?


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