What is the right age to get into sexually oriented relationships

What is the right age to get into sexually oriented relationships


Transcript: Now, you need to understand that this is a time of your life when you're at the highest level of energy. At this stage in your life, if you create a certain focus and balance within yourself, this energy will translate into something fantastic. But at this stage in your life if you do not bring focus and balance and you earn it, let's say when you're 40-45, you will not have the same energy. This is something that youth don't understand. That they think this level of energy will be there all your life. No, no, no. It will pass. It is just a question of 8 to 12 to 15 years maximum. From the age of 14 to 30, there is a certain upsurge of energy. At this time, if you learn how to manage this, keep a balance and focus to your life. You bring a focus to your life, this life will function and play at a higher level of life. If you don't bring those things and you're in a hurry to live, then you will see it becomes an uphill task. Not that you won't make it at all, you may make it. But unnecessary struggles through life. So it's individual choice. If somebody has such a strong compulsion, they may go for it. Don't make it a trend. That if you're in a college you must have a body-based relationship. Not necessary. So, essentially you're asking, at what age should I go into sexually oriented relationships. Is that what you're asking? But I think, it'll be, you'll be doing a great service to yourself and to the world if you remove this boyfriend-girlfriend business and call it something else. Call them your, what? Romance, or your love affair, or whatever. Because friend, the word friend must be released from the body. It's very important. Otherwise friendships won't happen. Everybody will be like this because if I say you're my friend, she's afraid. Unnecessarily, isn't it? If I say she's my friend, she will fear, what is he upto? How is he my friend? Release the word friend from the body. It's very important. Let friendships happen all over. Well, body-based relationships happens with another individual. That's different, that's your choice. At what age? See, when you're in education, if you don't take charge of these instruments at this stage in your life, believe me, your own body, your own mind will trip you in so many ways right through your life. You won't ride them, they will ride you. That should not happen. At this stage in your life, let the focus fundamentally be on, how to grow yourself to the best possible place within yourself. Don't be in a hurry to live. Living will happen a little later. If you live too early, you will not live too well. Don't try to live too early. I'm not a moralistic person to tell you, do this, don't do this. If somebody has such a compulsive need, they can do it. But everybody need not make it a trend that if you're in college, you must have a sexually oriented relationship with somebody. There is no compulsion like that. There is no such rule that it must be so.


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