What is the right kind of education for our children?

What is the right kind of education for our children?


Transcript: About education to children, I always feel more than right to education, there has to be a right kind of education. India is intellectually poor at the moment. What is your take on it? India is not, definitely not poor in intellect. I would say, I speak to all kinds of people around the world, business leaders, academics, scientists. But still I would say, pick up 100 people from the street, just like that either in Mumbai or Chennai or Bangalore. I would say they are way smarter than most people that you can pick up anywhere in the world. It is just that we do not have an organization for this intellect to find expression. For this enormous intellect that country has, there is no structures for people to find expression to that. You just see, take Indian people and put them anywhere, they're just on the tops. Because once they find proper structures and they understand the structure, you can't stop them because there is a necessary intellect. This is a consequence of a very huge history, a cultural history that we have. It is time that this generation gets the right stuff. But that's not happened yet because our education systems and every system that we had, has been disrupted badly in a systematic way because we've been an occupied nation for nearly a thousand years. In 1947, when we got our independence, we should have seriously thought about what kind of education does India need. We must understand this, without any infrastructure, literally without infrastructure, without any kind of education, our farmers are producing food for 1.25 billion people. This is knowledge. Why is this not knowledge? I'm asking, why is this not knowledge? Why is this not competence? This is a nation with over 12,000 years of agricultural history, the only land like that on the planet. But we have tried to push everything aside and reinvent the wheel. Once again we want to learn abc and do it like this. So, there is a disruption in the intrinsic learning that we have and the school learning that is coming to us. We are thinking only what is written in the book, a plus b equals c is only knowledge. Why is not making a wonderful sambar knowledge? Why is not growing a crop knowledge? Why is not making a pot knowledge? We have very constipated sense of what is knowledge.


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