What is youth without adventure?

What is youth without adventure?


Transcript: So, see, when we say adventure, you can have ventures in your life, or you can have adventure. Adventure means, you don't know where your next foot is going to be. That's adventure, that means there is danger. No danger, everything's safe, there is no adventure, isn't it? It's a venture. I'm not against ventures but you're talking about adventure that means you want to step into something that you don't know. Isn't it? If you step into what you know unpredictable, that's not an adventure. That's just an activity. If you don't have any adventure in your life, in whatever you do it doesn't matter, in every sphere of life there is room for adventure. This means you must trust your capability and competence and a step, one step more than that. There is a risk, of course. If there is no risk, there is no adventure, isn't it? So will young people get killed? Yes, unfortunately sometimes it does. Before I became 35 years of age at least 12-13 of my friends died. Some in motorcycles, some in hand gliding and all the things we were doing together. Some of them died. Well, they didn't kill me but, could I live without having done all those things? No. Even if one of those situations had ended me, still I would do it. Not simply out of egoistic jingoism that you want to do something others cannot do, it's not about that. It's about stretching yourself beyond your limits somewhere. But today the world is far more organized, there's a whole lot of equipment. When we were doing it, crazy things, we had no equipment of any kind. We just did things just like that. But today there is safety equipment, there are systems, there are nets and there are so many things. I said, see, youth without any sense of adventure are not youth. You can always, you can already bury them as old men. They have to do something. But, this does not mean they have to do wild things on the street. We can create situations and spaces where they can do this with reasonable amount of safety there is no absolute safety.


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