Why are even successful youth like Sushant Singh Rajput committing suicide?

Why are even successful youth like Sushant Singh Rajput committing suicide?


Transcript: Suicide is not a pleasant thing. Not at all a pleasant thing because for a human being to make... see when somebody dies, commits suicide, we are just thinking oh, he committed suicide. It's not like that. You must look at what psychologically that person goes through to come to that decision. It's the most horrible part of one's life where somewhere, they feel so trapped. Either by physical situations, financial situations, or emotional situations. So absolutely trapped when there is no other way. This is when they take that kind of violent exit which you call as suicide. And, if we, if someone tries to kill somebody, that somebody has some defense. They can fight, they can run, they can protect themselves, some resistence is possible. But when you start hurting this one, this is the most helpless life and it is the worst kind of torture that you can do is to torture this one. Because this is an absolutely helpless life with yourself, isn't it? Somebody else has some defenses. So suicide need not be seen in terms of statistics, one hour they are dying. Even if one person commits suicide, it's a human concern. It must be a concern for the whole humanity. Why is this happening? You must understand in this country, in 2017, 7,600 children below 15 years of age have committed suicide. Below 15 years of age, when they must be bursting with life and wanting to live. Below 15 years of age if they want to commit suicide, what is it? We are somewhere driving ourselves to a certain desperation. One big cause for all this is education system unfortunately. It's the schooling system which is killing people. Because if you get 98, you are no good, you know. People will ask you where is the other 2%? So, apart from this, there are various other things. Economic things are there, emotional things are there. Various kinds of things for a human being. Essentially, simply because there is no clarity about life in some way. See, youth means, it's life in making. Youth, the most significant aspect of youth is they are full of energy, they have huge amount of energy. When I say energy, after all our life is a combination of a certain amount of energy and a certain amount of time, isn't it? So youth means an exuberant energy. But, most of the time the problem with the youth is they don't have the necessary clarity, nor balance. If only, if you could bring 10% more clarity and 10% more balance in their life, then the way they are right now, this energy would translate into something fantastic. Because if individual genius has to unfold, the most important thing is there is balance and clarity. There is a way to bring clarity to life. You have energy, if you bring clarity and balance, you could be a wonderful life early on, fanastic you can be. But if you have energy and you don't have the necessary balance and clarity, you could become a disaster right here. Both for yourself and the world as such.


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