Why are more youngsters taking to intoxication?

Why are more youngsters taking to intoxication?


Transcript: Namaskaram Sadhguru. I'd like to know the truth about the increase in alcohol usage and addiction in my generation, younger generation. Very young kids, kids in school are starting to use substances, and as a safe haven, as an escape for them. And that feels very scary and dangerous. I want to know why you think kids are using this and I want to know what you think is the best way, most organic way to get people out of it. Namaskaram Nag. I like your name. Cobras have always been very dear to me. And, if you do not know this, cobra venom also is an intoxicant if it's used in a certain way. Why the need for intoxication is going up in the society. There are many reasons. One basic thing is, people are no more fighting for survival. A large segment of society has moved out of survival. When people move out of survival, they must find other areas of interest and passionate involvement. If that doesn't happen, the need for pleasure and the need for intoxication will naturally go up in that given society. This is why it's very important that even if the parents are affluent, the children should not know affluence till they come to a certain age. In this culture, even the kings send their children to gurukula, where they studied with other children. Where everybody lived with very basic needs. Because the necessary sense of discipline and involvement and engagement with life has to happen before wealth comes into somebody's life. Otherwise, wealth will become a burden that you carry on your head. And this is what is happening to this generation. And one more reason is, because these days both the parents are working largely, at an early age the needed attention, that the child needs, is not happening to the child. So naturally various deviances are taken to. And, there is not enough physical activity. When you don't enjoy the fitness of your body, then the only other thing that you will enjoy is intoxication. If you do not enjoy the vibrance and vitality of your system, then intoxication becomes the only way. And, now drugs are not only intoxication, they'll also make them feel vibrant for a few hours. So, massively the generation is moving in that way. And one more significant reason why this generation is moving towards these drugs is, in their minds the heavens that were promised are collapsing. Maybe still they're not able to articulate it very clearly. They don't have the clarity or the courage to say it. But, for a long time we have managed people, saying that if you abstain from all these things, in heaven all of this will be available in huge quantities. Now heavens are collapsing so they're trying to drink it up right here. So like this there are many aspects. Fundamentally, there is no need for an individual human being to physically strive for his survival. That itself makes the need for intoxication more.


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