Why is the number 112 important? Why is the Adiyogi statue 112ft?

Why is the number 112 important? Why is the Adiyogi statue 112ft?


Transcript: See, what is big and small is according to people's perceptions. All the people in the yoga center, they say, Sadhguru, we should have made it little bigger, it's looking so small compared to the mountain behind. So what is small and big is always people's perception. But, there is something called as visual impact. Of all the five sensory organs that you have of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. Tell me, if I tell you, suppose I'm going to take four of these away from you right now, which one would you like to keep? Just the nose or just the tongue? What would you like to keep? This is the option. Four, you have to lose. One, you can keep. Which one will you keep? Eyes of course. Because the five sensory impacts that you have upon you, visual impact is the largest impact for you right now. But, let us say you are a dog, I'm not saying. I don't think dog is anything derogatory, I think it's a great animal. If you're a dog, if I asked you this question you would say nose. Because his food, his survival happens because of his nose. But for a human being the visual impact is the largest impact. So in that sense, it is not about the size of the Adiyogi, it is about the geometry. To get the geometry perfect in a small size is extremely difficult. Extremely different. So we needed a certain amount of size to get the geometry easily in place. The geometry of Adiyogi, now that you ask this question, is to exude. See, when I say geometry of Adiyogi will exude something. Is it true, you went home today and your father was sitting in a certain way, just by looking at his posture, you know whether he is angry, or happy, unhappy, disturbed? Do you know or not? So the geometry of Adiyogi is, we wanted this to exude three aspects. One is exuberance of life, another is stillness of life, another is intoxication. I worked for two and a half years to get this face right. Many, many, many faces were made, then we decided we need a certain size and that size became over 80 feet. When it became over 80 feet, then we thought the number also has to have some significance. So we went for 112 feet because Adiyogi, when he propounded the ways, the different ways in which a human being can attain to their highest possibility, he gave 112 ways. So we made it 112.


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