Why should I have only one partner? Is one-partner a thing of the past?

Why should I have only one partner? Is one-partner a thing of the past?


Transcript: Well, monogamy and polygamy or whatever kind of gamy, if you want to see. The important thing we need to understand is, you know, we are all here. You and me are here. This means a man and woman came together some time ago. Maybe, you think, oh they're parents you know. They don't love, they don't do sex, they don't do anything. Just because a priest uttered a mantra, you were born, probably. No, it's not like that. Somebody has a physical need, so handle it through marriage, and we're here. When you become 18, you become always against marriage. But when you were 3 years of age, you were for marriage. Your parents' marriage. When you were 3 years of age, were you not glad your parents had a stable marriage? Hello? When you're 18, you think, oh free sex, and no marriage, and everything. But once again, if you become 50-55, then you will look for a relationship that lasts. So it is for you to consider, because it's your life, to consider whether you want to live a life, where emotionally you're always looking out for somebody. Or you settle it in a certain way so that you can use your intelligence and time to create something else. Your research, your work, or whatever you're doing. If emotions and body are settled, actually, your ability to use your intelligence will be much better. Otherwise everyday you have to walk around to find somebody. No, I'm not making this thing because I feel so bad. In United States, people I know, you know thousands of people are involved with me now. People who are 40-45 years of age, women I'm saying, wonderful people. But, they're all on this, these days they've all gone online. Otherwise they go sit in a bar and wait. Somebody needs to pick them up today. It's terrible. Tinder generation. I'm sorry? Tinder generation. Whatever you want to call it. When a woman, at 45, should have been loved and respected in a proper atmosphere, now she's sitting there, looking for some strange guy to come her way. And she's going to make the judgement in the next 10 minutes, when he buys her a drink or a dinner or something. This is tragic.


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