Youth – This mistake will cost you for the rest of your life!

Youth – This mistake will cost you for the rest of your life!


Transcript: In India, the mango farmers have some wisdom in their lives. I've been a mango farmer in the past. Just after 12-14 months after planting. If it's a well crafted land, within 14 months flowers will come when the season comes. First thing we do is, we pluck off the flowers. If you leave it, a few mangoes will come. But we will take it off. Next season again the flowers come, we'll take it off. We will wait for the plant to grow, because we know. If the fruit comes out of that plant, that plant will never grow into a full-fledged tree. It will not bear as much fruit as it could, if it bears too early. So this is something youth must remember. Don't try to live too early. This is the time where you build yourself. In body, in mind, in competence, in capability. You build yourself. Time to live will come. If you live too early, then you will see you will not live a full-fledged life. So right now, we have imported this from Western societies. By the time you're 14, you must have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. By the time you're 18, you have had three heartbreaks. Where the hell are you focusing on building yourself? These things are taking so much time. And energy. Build yourself up well, if you want to live well. So, there is a certain time to grow, and there is a certain time to live. If you live too early, you will not grow. And if you don't grow, the scale and scope of your life will be very limited. That should not happen to you.


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