If You Get Everything You Ever Wanted – What Next?

If You Get Everything You Ever Wanted – What Next?

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Summary: As part of Sadhguru's Youth & Truth series of conversation at Universities, a student asks Sadhguru - "My question is, suppose humanity makes it past it's very tumultuous phase we are in right now - what would we do. If we reach an ideal society, where everyone is peaceful and together, what would our 'end-game' be, what would we strive towards?". In response, Sadhguru asks him - "If everything you can dream of, I got for you right now - what do you want now?" In this captivating talk, Sadhguru shares his wisdom on many topics, especially for the youth. He tells us that, we can not manage time, rather we should manage our energies. Sadhguru also shares why it is not sensible to have drugs and other substances.


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