Kala – Shiva’s Most Fierce Dimension

Kala – Shiva’s Most Fierce Dimension

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Summary: Of various forms of Shiva – the ‘Kala’ or ‘Mahakala’ is the most significant and fierce form. As ‘MahaKala’ – he is the Lord of Time. As ‘KaalBhairva’ – he is the destroyer of time. All physical existence happens within the ambit of Time. Once Time is destroyed – everything is over. Mukti (or Liberation) is to become free from cyclical movement of Life. It is in this context that Shiva is Worshipped as ‘Destroyer of Time’ as Death itself can be a doorway to liberation and not just simply means of disposing the body. Why is ‘Bhairavi Yatnaa’ - a process to destroy Time such a painful experience?


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