Why Can’t I Have Multiple Partners?

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Summary: In our society why is it considered inappropriate to have multiple partners? What are the social and spiritual implications if one has multiple partners?  Sadhguru explains that in older times more Men died than Women. So, in all societies the ratio of Male to Female was skewed, and to fulfill the basic human needs the society ended up with a Man having multiple partners. However, today, the ratio is balanced and if the society allows multiple partners, it will create a lot of issues. Because for many people there basic needs will not get fulfilled, and the animal instincts will take over. Sadhguru also explains - at a more fundamental level, at our core is an energy framework or an evolutionary memory framework. So, those wanting to raise to a higher level, need to maintain the integrity of this framework. So, you don't want to open your body to anyone else, especially not to multiple partners. That's why in almost all cultures those on spiritual path would become monks.


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