Why did Shiva help Amba take revenge?

Why did Shiva help Amba take revenge?

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Summary: During the Youth and Truth event at the Sophia College for Women, a student asks Sadhguru - "My question to you is - in Mahabharat, we see Amba, she is so determined to take revenge on Bhishma, and she goes to Shiva, and Shiva actually grants her that boon. So, why would somebody want to live their whole life, just with the sole intention of taking revenge on somebody, and how would this affect them?" Sadhguru says, the Mahabharat has over 100,000 characters, depicting all kinds of human beings. Amba comes from a royal family, in her culture vengeance is an honor! Sadhguru says, the divine is not discriminatory, that's why Shiva helps Amba and Ravana.


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