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The ‘Talk Zone’ is where you can easily discover all Sadhguru's talks. Short ‘3 minute videos’, ‘In Conversation with the mystic’, ‘Youth & Truth’ and other ‘Sadhguru Talks’. You can easily search by Topic or keywords, within each group.

Profound wisdom from Sadhguru captured in small bytes of 3min videos. Carefully edited to ensure that Sadhguru's message is made available without distortion. Explore hundreds of gold nuggets!

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Youth and Truth is a movement led by Sadhguru to empower the youth with the required clarity and perspective – so as to enable them to realize their full potential.

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In Conversation with the Mystic is a series of fascinating episodes where eminent personalities from various walks of life explore a range of topics with Sadhguru.

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Wherever Sadhguru currently is, Sadhguru shares his profound wisdom, in the most candid and casual way, for you to understand and employ in your everyday lives. Wisdom Shots are up-close and personal insights from Sadhguru, for you.

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Sadhguru has spoken at various forums, and addressed audience of varied backgrounds. Discover Sadhguru's profound talks. Talks with short summaries, explore by topic or search by keywords.

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