Duration: 3:50 min

3 I for Success

Inspiration, Integrity and Insight are 3 key qualities to become a successful leader. Sadhguru explains what it means to have each of these qualities.

To really build a DNA of success – these are the three things you need – Insight definitely, Integrity and Inspiration. If you want to be inspired, first thing is you must find something larger than yourself to do. Something which is bigger than yourself to do. If you choose things which are safe and nice and easy, which will make you some money, you may make some money, I’m not against it, that’s the goal it’s fine, but you will not be inspired. If there has to be inspiration within you there has to be an element of uncertainty. Without uncertain uncertainty there is no inspiration. Or a risk, or danger. Where there is no danger, there is no adventure. Where there’s no adventure, nobody will be inspired by you. If people don’t see that you are willing to step into something that they are not willing to step into, you cannot inspire anybody. So, inspiration if it has to come, one basic element is integrity. Where there is no integrity, you cannot inspire. Integrity means just this, don’t think integrity is a bundle of morals, values, ethics. No. Integrity means, your commitment is larger than yourself. Maybe it’s your business, maybe it’s your community, maybe it’s your nation, maybe it’s the world. We don’t know what, but something larger than yourself. You’re committed to that. Then people see you have integrity. People experience integrity because you are committed to something beyond your own self-interest. If they don’t see that, then you cannot inspire anybody. And if you do not inspire people around you, if they drag their feet, if they drag their feet your life is finished just know this. Coming to insight, this is the tricky part. Insight means you are able to see something that others could not see. You’re able to see things ahead of other people, that’s important thing. Everybody sees everything at some point, but the thing is you saw it before them. That makes a world of difference. If you were in a battle it would decide whether you live or die. If you’re in a business it decides whether you’re really successful or just about making it. If you’re in a spiritual process, it’s worse than battle. So, if insight has to come, one important dimension is, the reason why there is no insight is, people are largely trying to function with their intellect. This is a unfortunate consequence of the type of education that’s been imparted everywhere, where your intellect is seen as a prime value.

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