Duration: 3:12 min

A crash course on time management


Time, how to manage? It’s too big a thing to manage. Not in your hands. Whether you like it or not, it’s sticking away, isn’t it? Yes? If you sit here, it’s sticking away. If you jump around, it’ll tick away. Do whatever you want, it’ll tick away, isn’t it? But what you can do with yourself, that you can manage. That’s nothing to do with the time. So self-management, not time management. Just a few days ago, I was flying in from India. Normally, it used to be 13 and a half, 14 hours, but now there is some issue that Pakistan is not allowing airplanes to fly over their airspace. So it’s taking 16 hours. Because I know all the pilots and I’m a licensed pilot myself, so they let me sit in the cockpit. And I’m interested in what’s happening there. So I was talking to them and they said, Sadhguru… I said 14 hours, isn’t it guys? And they said, no Sadhguru, 16 hours. It’s so long. Then I said, see I’m not complaining because just a century ago if I had to go to United States, it was 60 days. 16 hours, I’m not complaining. I’m okay. I’ll sit down, lie down, read something, do something, or talk to you. But I’m not complaining about 16 hours. How did 60 days become 16 hours? Simply because, from a chugging steam engine to a jet engine. Hello? Suddenly, 60 days became 16 hours. So the only way you can take charge of time is by mastering your energies, how they function. If you are functioning like a steam engine, it’s a long time. If you’re functioning like a jet engine, boom! Right now they’re saying the Chinese have developed an airplane where Beijing to New York, you can do it in two hours. They’re saying by 2028 they’ll have it commercially ready. Two hours. So this is not mastery of time, but consequentially it is mastery of time. If what somebody does in 10 years, if you can do it in one year. If both of you live for 100 years, in terms of impact and profoundness of experience, you lived for a thousand years. Hello? That is the only way you can take charge of time. And one who’s taken charge of time, for him the entire universe is a sweetness of compassion. That will be his experience of life once he’s taken charge of time.

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