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A heavenly joke!


This happened. It’s okay if I tell you a joke? I know it’s a serious question, very spiritual. A husband and wife, who are over 70 years of age, were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. So they decided they will go through everything just the way it happened on the wedding day. So wedding got over, they went to the church where they got married, they came out of it at the same time, then, as they did on that day, they went to a romantic Italian movie. Then after that they went for a dinner in a particular restaurant, they had the same kind of food and the same kind of wine and they started driving. Then the wife said, John, what’s happened with you? Do you remember 45 years ago, when we were driving, how passionately you kissed me? So he said, okay. Don’t laugh, you don’t know what is 45 years later. That’s a different world, okay? So he tried to kiss her and unfortunately, 45 years later your body is not the same, and the cars are faster, and boom they went into the bridge. So they were at the gates of heaven. Then they got checked in together. And because both of them were golfers, they asked, is there a golf course in heaven? Saint Peter said, yes, the best! The best golf course you would have ever seen. So can we see? He said, fine. They saw, it was an immaculate course. They asked, can we tee of? Is there a tee time? Any time is tea time in heaven. Day or night. But we don’t have our clubs. No problem, just for you, fitted for you, golden clubs. So the man teed off splitting the fairway straight and long. The lady walked up to the lady’s tee and teed off, again straight. Then they were walking towards the ball for the second shot. Suddenly the husband became depressed, as it usually, many times happens to the husbands. She looked at him and said, John what’s the problem? We’re in heaven. We’re on the best golf course. You had a great shot, I had a great shot. Why are you so depressed? He said, if it was not for your stupid health food, we could have come here long time ago. So this is the nature of human intellect because it gets only one face of everything. It is always thinking everything is a problem.

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