Duration: 2:48 min

A simple exercise to enhance intelligence and bring clarity


If clarity has to come, the most important thing is, your spine should be in a certain condition because your perception is largely handled there. The spine is not just a physical substance, it is a communication network. A serious communication network. If you lose it, or if it becomes insensitive, you don’t know what you’re losing. You’re just losing something phenomenal. So it’s not just a physical substance. It is the basis of communication that’s happening in the system, isn’t it? The spinal cord is, I mean the spine is not just one single piece, it’s many complex assembly. Every day, needs to stretch. If it telescopes into one into another, then the communication capability in the spine is hugely lost. A natural upsurge of energy will happen if you just keep your feet together and sit down in a squat. So the squat is best. If you can put your feet together and squat, which most of you cannot do. Right now very few people can do. We don’t want too much energy to happen so the next best chance is to keep your feet in line with your shoulders, just the same width as your shoulders. You can do up to 21. 21 is a good number to do. If you cannot do that, start with seven. Slowly, every two days, one extra if you do, in about 40 days you will be at 21, which is a good number to do. You will see it will make a phenomenal difference in the way you function. If there is some way to gauge your intelligence, the sharpness of your intellect, you will see you can see a difference happening just because you’re doing a simple few things to relax and activate the spine.

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