Duration: 3:29 min

A simple method to experience the entire universe as a part of you


We need to understand this. To simply sit here and to know, experientially, that this entire universe is actually a part of me, will not happen to most people. They’ll hallucinate for a few moments after that they will get distracted by something. If you invest your life to create something, which got nothing to do with you and something to do with everything, then slowly it will seep into you, into every cell in your body, that everything is actually a part of you. To simply sit here and get it, we don’t know, you may take many lifetimes. Most people won’t get it. They may get one thought and tomorrow morning it’ll be out. But if you invest your time, energy, and life into creating something which is not about you at all, then slowly it sinks into you. Every cell, every atom in the body will soak it up and make you understand that your life, the way you are is actually all-inclusive. Otherwise it’s just a talk. A whole lot of people, it’s become a fad in the world. I keep hearing this, particularly in United States. People say we love the universe, wow. That is the easiest bloody thing to do because it’s not here. If you have to love somebody who’s next to you right now, it takes life, it costs life you know. You may have to give something. If you have a mango in your hand, if you love somebody, you may have to give it away. But if you love the universe, you can eat the mango and love the universe. It’s a wonderful trick. It’s a very wonderful trick. It is like making all the offerings, jalebi, pakodi, this, that, everything to god, knowing well he will not eat. Of course you’re the one who gets to eat it in the end. Knowing very well that you are the one who will get to eat it. Children wanting to eat jalebi is perfectly fine. God wanting to eat jalebi is not okay. Because there is a huge deception in god wanting to eat jalebi. Children want to eat jalebi, it’s a simple desire.

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