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A simple process to live with the Divine

This is a beautiful talk, where Sadhguru tells us that we have the ability to see everything outside, except our own self. Everything is reflected in the mirror of our minds, but we are behind that mirror. Sadhguru gives a simple practice to experience divinity!

The only and only thing that you can experience in this life is what happens within you. You cannot experience what happens here, you can only experience what happens here. If you see this, you know this only the way it’s projected in your mind, isn’t it? There is no other way to know it. But belief gives you an outlet from this. If you understand, if you don’t believe anything, if you don’t disbelieve anything, naturally every human being would have turned inward. Because they believe, they’re looking heavenward. If you don’t make these conclusions, the nature of human intelligence is, it will naturally understand, the seat of your experiences within you. If you, right now the way you’re seeing the world is, your mind is like a mirror, it is reflecting all this, you’re not seeing it here, you’re seeing it within. So this mirror is showing you everything. Don’t believe it is a plain mirror, many distortions. But still it is showing things. But it never shows you, who you are. You can see this one, and this one, and that one, and that one, and that one, but you cannot see this one, because this one is behind the mirror. You must do one simple thing. I don’t know if you will attempt this, but you try this. If you pay attention, right now you’re sitting, you know sitting for two hours already this is happening. When you stand up, a certain pleasantness spreads through you. Not the relief of the muscles, something deeper, if you notice a certain pleasantness happens. Or you’ve been standing for a long time, you sit down, a certain pleasantness happens. Or let’s say you’ve been thirsty, you drink a glass of water, not the coolness of water, not the thirst going away, much deeper down a pleasantness happens. You lie down in your bed after a full day, you will see a certain pleasantness spreads through you. You wake up in the morning, certain pleasantness spreads through you. Because you’re in a constant state, as I said mental diarrhea, you don’t notice anything. I’m saying pay little attention. Today, when you go home for dinner, wherever you go for dinner you’re a young girl so I’ll leave it to you, wherever you go for dinner, don’t eat till you’re really hungry. Then food comes, wait. You really want to eat right now, just wait for two minutes, just look at the food, wait, then slowly eat. When the food goes into you, you will see the entire body responds in a certain way. Certain pleasantness spreads through you. You keep paying attention to this. Right now, it’s not that you’re completely ignorant of this. But generally most people don’t stay with this pleasantness for more than two to three seconds. You manage to stay there let’s say 12 to 15 seconds. Within a few days you will be on the other side of the mirror, and you will not ask me this question. You will know what it means to live with the divine. Right now you are living on the wrong side of the mirror. Seeing multiple images, a kaleidoscope happening, but you can never see yourself or the nature of your existence.

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