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An experiment to find if the two out of body Chakras are active


I don’t know if I should say this because if I say this you may start imagining all kinds of things. If you become meditative, now that you are becoming. As you do shambhavi, I shouldn’t say this it’ll lead to all kinds of things because people have a very wild imagination. I always avoid telling them anything which is not in that experience because they will start imagining all kinds of things. Because you need to understand this. Wherever you focus your mind, there there will be some twitching. If you want, right now you experiment. Hold your little finger like this and focus at the tip of this little finger. You will see within a minutes time there will be twitching. Any part of the body, if you focus your mind, some twitching you will notice. So that is not to be mistaken as some other great process happening within you. Or of course there are physiological twitches and twists happening here and there. Once in a way it happens to you. You’re sleeping, some part of the body little bit of twitch and this and that. Especially if you’re very nervous, it could happen to you quite often. If you’re at ease, it may not happen. If you’re in a little bit of tension or stress, it could happen to you in different parts. So that is not to be mistaken either. Anyway. Don’t do this to yourself, it’s not necessary. If I hold my hand above my Brahmarandhra, even up to four feet above. If you hold it, you will see a clear feeling in your hand which is always in the form of. Like a, something like an eight. This will be always happening if you keep your energies in a certain way. This can happen to every human being but it is happening within, it doesn’t extend itself beyond because the final two chakras. Out of the 114 chakras that are there in the system, two chakras are outside the body. If dimensions beyond the physical become a constantly active process. Some of you might have felt this in your shambhavi. For a few moments, you feel something beyond yourself has become active. So if a dimension beyond your physicality becomes a continuously active process within you, then after some time these two chakras, which are dormant and outside the body, become active. If they become active, there is a, you got an antenna on your head. You’ve seen a police antenna? You got an antenna on your head which is giving you a certain perspective of life.

Yogic Physiology

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